Village of Merton


We are counsel for the Village of Merton.  If you believe the Village needs something brought to its attention, please do not hesitate to contact us.  The Village of Merton website may be found at:

If you received a traffic citation in the Village of Merton, your citation will indicate an initial appearance date.  You have three options:

  • You may enter a plea of not guilty prior to the date indicated on your citation.  A pretrial conference will then be scheduled, at which you will need to appear;
  • Pay the amount on your citation;

  • Appear on the date and time of your initial appearance. 

Failure to adhere to one of the three listed options will result in a default entry of judgment against you for the violation and fine amount listed on your citation. 

The Village of Merton handles all traffic matters at the Lake Country Municipal Court in downtown Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.  Further information about the Lake Country Municipal Court, including court information, court procedure, forms and payment options, may be found at:


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