Probate & Trust Administration

The passing of a family member or close friend is an incredibly emotional and stressful experience.  If you are named the Personal Representative or Trustee, you have the added responsibility to administer the decedent’s estate or trust.  We can help guide you through this complex process. 

Probate administration is the circuit court based process of administering a Will.  We prepare and file the petition and additional documents necessary to open an estate, work with the decedent’s creditors to satisfy the decedent’s debts, prepare and file all probate court documents, prepare detailed statements of receipts and disbursements to beneficiaries, and ensure the decedent’s assets are properly distributed.

Trust administration is generally a private matter done outside of the court system.  We will assist you in all aspects of handling the decedent’s trust to ensure you fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities as trustee.  If you are the beneficiary of the trust, and believe the trustee is not adequately performing their responsibilities, please contact us in order to protect your rights.  


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